Pleo’s Social Media Protocol

As Pleo spaces are those of support, we believe transparency is important. This page outlines how Pleo communicates with the public using social media. Our social media accounts are as follows, and are managed by our part-time Communications Coordinator:

Availability and monitoring

We update and monitor our accounts on a part-time basis. If you require immediate assistance, please contact If you need support, please call our Parents’ Helpline 613.321.3211, 855.775.7005

Our social media commenting guidelines

Please note that the comments and posts expressed by other users, on or directed at our accounts, do not reflect the opinions and position of Pleo.

Please follow the general rules of respectful civil discourse. To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, please do not include personal information such as your phone number, home address, or email address in the body of your comment.

We will not tolerate offensive, rude, or abusive comments. We reserve the right to remove or edit content that:

  • is contrary to the principles of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
  • violates Pleo policy
  • is racist, hateful, defamatory, abusive, or obscene
  • is spam
  • encourages or suggests illegal activity or cyberbullying

Following, liking, and sharing

Pleo follows, likes, and shares content from community members, partners, and organizations. We share information that may be of value to our community. Follows, likes, and shares are not necessarily an endorsement.

Please be respectful and mindful of Pleo spaces being those of support for families navigating sensitive situations. If you have any questions about our service standards or how we apply them, please contact 

It is worth $1,000,000 to connect with people who really understand because they have been there too. It helped to have a safe space to discuss intense topics, not being judged or assessed or tested, just being heard with compassion, just being accompanied while we go through it.

Sudbury Parent