Our Impact

Our commitment to families is that our services will have a positive impact.


Through anonymous surveys we check in with the parents we have served to ensure we are fulfilling our mission. We learn from parents about what their needs are, and how we can best support them and refine our services.

More than 90% of parents report that as a result of our services they feel better able to cope, better able to access the services they need, better able to support their child, and that they feel less alone and isolated, less anxious and stressed.

We also ask parents to share their experience, their challenges, and the barriers they face. As parents ourselves, and with the collective wisdom of the thousands of parents we have served, we do our best to amplify the family voice so that it is part of every decision and every plan that affects our kids and families.

We champion positive system change to create a more effective, family focused approach to mental health care. Through collaboration with service providers and key stakeholders, we ensure that the real needs of the thousands of families we support are understood.    

Our Reach


Through our Parents’ Helpline, we support approximately 500 unique families per year with an average of six ‘visits’ with each family by phone or email.

Through our Parent Support Groups, we support approximately 600 families a year throughout Eastern Ontario.

Through our One-on-One Mobile Support, we work intensively with more than 100 families a year to help them build capacity and momentum to move forward.

Through our Newsletter, we keep thousands of families and service providers informed and up-to-date. 

Through our participation in community events, we connect to thousands of parents, caregivers and service providers, providing them with education, information and resources.

It is worth $1,000,000 to connect with people who really understand because they have been there too. It helped to have a safe space to discuss intense topics, not being judged or assessed or tested, just being heard with compassion, just being accompanied while we go through it.

Sudbury Parent